Dus Mahavidya Yantra Chowki In Brass (16 Cms) (1 Pc)

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Beautifully Handcrafted In Brass.
For Health,Wealth,Good Luck,Prosperity,Protection,Knowledge,Education,Ridhi-Sidhi & Worshipping The Holy Mother.
With Beautifully Handcrafted Shriyantra In Brass.
Size- Width-16 Cms. Height-12 Cms. Weight-1761 Grams.
A Premium Quality Product From Numeroastro India.

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    Numeroastro Dus Mahavidya Yantra Chowki In Brass (16 Cms) (1 Pc)-The Das Mahavidyas are known as Wisdom Goddesses. The spectrum of these ten goddesses covers the whole range of feminine divinity, encompassing horrific goddess’s at one end, to the ravishingly beautiful at the other. Mahavidya means (Maha – great; vidya – knowledge) Goddesses of great knowledge. These Das Mahavidya Goddesses are: 1-Kali (the Eternal Night). 2-Tara (the Compassionate Goddess). 3-Tripura-Sundari (the Goddess who is Sixteen Years Old). 4-Bhuvaneshwari (the Creator of the World). 5-Chhinnamastaa (the Goddess who cuts off her Own Head). 6-Bhairavi (the Goddess of Decay). 7-Dhoomavati (the Goddess who widows Herself). 8-Bagalamukhi (the Goddess who seizes the Tongue). 9-Matangi (the Goddess who Loves Pollution). 10-Kamala (the Goddess of creation, sustenance and prosperity). This yantra has image of all ten mahavidyas , their yantras and a powerful Sriyantra in the centre of yantra.

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    Dus Mahavidya Yantra Chowki In Brass (16 Cms) (1 Pc)

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