Original Black Horse Shoe (Kale Ghode Ki Naal) For Good Luck (1 Pc)


Original & Genuine Naal. It Looks Rusted As Used By The Horses
It Is Believed That HORSE SHOE NAAL Are Said To Welcome Prosperity And Happiness When Kept On The Main Door Frame In The Top In A Inverted Style.
It Will Protect You From Black Magic, Evil Eye And Especially From Shani Drishti.
Put The Horse Shoe Naal In A Black Cloth And Place It In Your Safe | Almirah Or The Place Where You Keep Your Money. You Will Have Abundance Of Money. Do This On A Saturday.
A Premium Quality Product From Numeroastro India.

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    Black Horse Shoe Black Horse Shoe is fixed on the outer door of the house to keep evil sprits and evil eyes out of the house. It is considered as most auspicious item to remove bad luck and diseases from the house. It is believed that Black Horse Shoe work as a protective layer of the house. It is recommended in our Vedas too that those who stick Black Horse Shoe on there outer wall or Door remains away from bad luck and diseases. The Black Horse Shoe is considered a lucky charm in the West as well as in India ! The shape of the Horse Shoe describes the ideal land configuration of Feng Shui, hence it is considered a favorable shape as per Feng Shui too. In India people have traditionally considered the horseshoe as a lucky charm and used it by affixing it above their main door on the outer side, for protection and good luck. Mantra: Om Praang Pring Praung Sah Shanaye Namah.

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    Original Black Horse Shoe (Kale Ghode Ki Naal) For Good Luck (1 Pc)

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