Mahakali Yantra
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Mahakali Yantra

In the whole creation, Many Gods and Goddesses are worshiped. Among these divine powers,  Mahakali is the one, who descended into the world to kill the wicked. The Mahakali is the feminine form of Kaal (time), is called the goddess of creation, protection, and destruction. 

Goddess Kali is an astonishing example of female empowerment, from which everyone keeps fear.


Mother killed Demons

Mahakali has been called the incarnation of Durga.  Many beliefs related to their incarnation on earth are prevalent. Mother Durga was at war with a demon named Mahishasura.  

She became so angry that her black flame descended from her forehead. Mahakali with a huge body in dark black killed all the demons and consumed their blood. The demons whom Durga went to kill, Mahakali cut her head and hung it around her neck. All the demons were killed but still, their anger did not subside. 

She was so angry that she starts killing demons and devas all around.  Even Lord Shiva, her husband surrendered himself to calm down her anger.  Mahakali calmed down as soon as she stepped on him. She was deeply repentant that she stepped on her husband.

Mahakali killed Negativity

According to another belief, Kali was created by Goddess Ambika to kill Asuras.  Along with being incarnated, Kali killed the lives of two demons named Chand and Mund. After killing both these asuras, Kali had to fight with the army of the Asura emperor named Raktabij.

Every drop of blood of bloodbys produced another bloodbase.  So his army was continuously increasing. To kill Raktabeej, Mahakali drank every drop of blood in her body and ate all her replicas. 

After killing the blood seeds, Kali began to perform the ritualistic rituals. And even Lord Shiva had to lie under her feet to calm them down. Kali calmed down and took her tongue out of shame.


Mahakali's Protection

There are many ways to get the blessings of Mahakali.  Her instruments, lockets, pendants, and many other forms are available in the form of blessings. Nowadays, wearing an instrument in the form of a locket or Pendant is consider the most convenient use, and powerful too. 

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