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Feng Shui Arowana Fish On Lucky Coins Showpiece (Length 17 Cms) (1 Pc)


Feng Shui Arowana Fish On Lucky Coins Showpiece (Length 17 Cms) (1 Pc) –
Very Beautifully Handcrafted In Polyresin.
Size-Height-8 Cms Approx. Width-5 Cms Approx. Lengh-17 Cms Approx. Weight-380 Grams Approx.
Arowana Fish Is A Very Effective Statue To Bring All Kinds Of Blessings To Your Home And Your Family.
Arowana Fish Is A Great Symbol Of Wealth, Power, Health, Happiness, Authority and Long Life.
Arowana Fish Is A Lucky Charm To Empower Your Position At Work Or Business, Gain Stability In Your Love Life As Well As Rectify Any Vastu Errors In Your House Or Office.
Arowana Fish Is Very Beneficial To Represent Your Personal Development And Optimized Money-Making Opportunities.
Arowana Fish Is Also A Symbol Of Protection, Power, Far Farsightedness, Cleverness As Well As Overall Auspiciousness.
Arowana Fish Saves Us From Danger, Bad luck, Ward Off Negative Energies And Evil Spirits.
Arowana Fish Statue Is Perfect For Newly Starting A Business Career.
Arowana Fish Improves Educational Luck, Career Luck, Prosperity Luck In Our Life.
For Homes, Offices, Showrooms, Work Table, Work Spaces, Factories Etc.
A Premium Quality Product From Numeroastro India.

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