Shri Laxmi Narayan Shaligram Stone | Shila (AAA Quality) from Gandaki River Nepal (1 Set)

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Original & Natural Shri Laxmi Narayan Shaligram Stone Obtained From Gandaki River In Nepal.
AAA Quality Shaligram Stone Chakra. This Shaligram stone Is In Two Pieces Set But Can Be Closed As One Piece.
The Worshipper Of Shaligram Stone Is Able To Take Wise Decisions In Business Or Family And Experience Immense Peace And Prosperity In His Life.
As It Is A Natural Product The Size, Colour & Design May Vary From The Image Shown Above. Length – 6 – 7 Cms Approx. Weight – 200 – 250 Grams Approx.
A Premium Quality Product From Numeroastro India.

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    Numeroastro Original & Natural Shri Laxmi Narayan Shaligram Stone | Shila (AAA Quality) From Gandaki River Nepal (1 Set) – Shaligram is a sacred stone found in Gandaki river found in the Muktinath area of Nepal.

    This original and natural stone is worshipped as the iconic representation Lord Vishnu, similar to Shivlinga is worshiped as anionic Lord Shiva. The worshiper of Uncommon Stuffs Shaligram Stone gets immense wisdom, good virtues, courage and success in all his endeavors. Shaligram Stone also provides peace and happiness.

    Every genuine Shaligram Stone has marks with the pattern often representing that of Sudarshan Chakra, the chakra of Lord Vishnu. Uncommon Stuffs Shaligram Stones are worshiped in temples, monasteries and households all over the country, as visible and natural emblems of Vishnu.

    The sipping of water in which these Shaligram stones are bathed is a daily ritual for the many pious Hindu families. Salagram is also found along with Lord Vishnu Chakra. It Is Found With One Chakra( 1 Circle Marks), Some Shaligram With Two Chakra ,Three Chakra To Unlimited Beautiful Chakra Marks (Circle Mark).

    Each Chakra Is Described As Different Names And Forms Of Lord Vishnu. Unlimited Chakra Is Described As Lord Vishnu Anantha (uncountables Chakras | Anantha Narayan).One Chakra Is Described As Sudarshan Shaligram Like Wise For Rest Number Of Shaligram Denotes Lord Vishnu Each Name Whose All Name Is Described In Hindu Religious Script Vishnu Puran.

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    Shri Laxmi Narayan Shaligram Stone | Shila (AAA Quality) from Gandaki River Nepal (1 Set)