Shri Sidh Sampoorna Badhamukti Yantra Gold Plated Yantra In Frame | Wall Hanging Yantra (27 Cms) (1 Pc)


Very Beautifully Made & 24K Gold Plated Yantra In Frame.
Size – Height-27 Cms, Width-27 Cms. Length-1 Cms. Weigh-220 Grams Approx.
Shri Sampoorna Badhamukti Yantra Contains Ttal 13 Yantras- 1-Shri Mahamrityunjay Yantra. 2-Shri Baglamukhi Yantra. 3-Shri Gayatri Yantra. 4-Shri Navgraha Yantra. 5-Kaalsarp Yantra. 6-Shri Vashyakar Yantra. 7-Shri Navdurga Yantra. 8-Vahan Durghatna Nivarak Yantra. 9-Shri Vastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra. 10-Shri Rahu Yantra. 11-Shri Ketu Yantra.12-Shri Shani Yantra & 13-Matsya Yantra.
For Puja-Ghar, Home-Temples, Homes, Shops, Business Establishments, Showrooms Etc.
A Premium Quality Product From Numeroastro India.

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    Shri Sidh Sampoorna Badhamukti Yantra Gold Plated Yantra In Frame | Wall Hanging Yantra (27 Cms) (1 Pc)- It should be installed and worshipped to get rid of Problems and Obstacles especially those which are of unknown origin. It is a well-known fact that at times, in spite of our best efforts and hard work, we are unable to succeed or similarly, in spite of the best remedial measures, a person is not getting good health due to reasons unknown. Under such circumstances, establishing a Buy Sampuran Badha Mukti Yantra Online can be of great help because it includes such Yantras like Maha Mrityunjaya Yantra which provides the blessings of Lord Shiva and is highly beneficial for getting rid of various diseases. Similarly, the Goddess Maha Kali Yantra and Baglamukhi Yantra protect the person from Enemies, Evil Eyes, Negative Energies and all kinds of Black magic. The Hanuman Yantra gives Courage while the Vastu Dosha Yantra helps in removing any Vastu Dosha of the place where the person is living or working. The Gayatri Yantra which is known as Mothers of all Yantras helps the person to achieve Peace, Prosperity and Success. The Matsya Yantra is in the centre of this Buy Sampuran Badha Mukti Yantra Online which helps in removal of all kinds of problems, obstacles and Vastu Dosha by the blessings of Lord Vishnu.

    This Yantra is very powerful and influences the people by helping them and escapes them from evils and enemies, and provides assets, prosperity, and reputation. You can situate it on the main door of your workplace and your house, and also can situate it on your worship place. People who regularly worship this yantra get surely higher success in their life and new door to get success is always opened automatically for them.

    This Yantra will give you greatest payback in your life, and also very helpful for attaining conquest and defeat your enemies, helpful in your court cases, helpful in accomplishing your late work and protects you from bad soul and evil effects.

    It always protects you when you are travelling, protects you from calamity, wound, misshaping and other troubles. This Yantra also helpful in influencing the people whom you want to influence for specific reason.

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    Shri Sidh Sampoorna Badhamukti Yantra Gold Plated Yantra In Frame | Wall Hanging Yantra (27 Cms) (1 Pc)

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