Shri Yantra
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Shri Yantra

In the Ramcharit Manas it is clearly mentioned through the chaupai that the Kaliyuga is only the name Adhara, which means the name of the God. Repetition of the God name again & again is called a mantra. You can fulfill every wish only by chanting. According to saints, Aaradhya Devi of Sri Yantra is considered as Shri Tripura Sundari Devi.

The Sri Yantra made on the day of Paush month and that too on Sunday is very amazing and gives the highest results, but if it is not done then you can build this yantra on the day of monthly Sankranti of any month or on the eighth day of Shukla Paksha.


This yantra should be made on copperplate (copper plate), silver-letter or gold-letter only. For the worship of Sri Yantra, use the seed mantra of Lakshmiji “Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Kamle Kamalalaye Praseed Praseed Shreem Hreem Shreem Om Mahalakshmai Namah”.

According to a different belief, there is another pouranic story about the impact of Sriyantra. It is believed that once Lakshmiji went to Bankuth, sad from the earth. As a result, many problems arose on Earth.

Then Maharishi Vasistha made efforts to obey Lakshmi with the help of Vishnu but failed. Then she immediately returned to Earth after celebrating Devguru Jupiter and said that Sriyantra is my base and my soul resides in it.

So I had to come. It is believed that duly worshiping Shriyantra brings happiness and salvation. It should be worshiped by facing towards the east. Then all your wishes will be fulfilled.

Shri Yantra is considered to be the greatest and the most fruitful yantra. Many people also consider Sri Yantra as the Lakshmi Yantra. According to religious beliefs, the worship of Shri Yantra opens the way for wealth.

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Sri Yantra is composed by joining the triangle and the bottom part of the triangle is also made of a combination of triangles, which is a chokor. If we talk all the triangles together then there are 43 triangles and all the triangles are surrounded by 2 lotuses There are two circles in between the lotus and the triangle, in which the first lotus is of Ashtadal and the second is of shodashdal.

Lakshmi is pleased by keeping this yantra in a temple or vault and worshiping it daily and chanting 15 recitations of Srisukta on a garland of lotus leaf every day.

Shri Yantra is the only means to attract Lakshmi ji, the financial condition becomes very good with Shri Yantra and all the problems go away. 

Various Kuyoga present in the horoscope gets away from the regular worship of Sriyantra.

By its grace, man receives Ashtasiddhi and Navnidhis.

Diseases are eliminated by worshiping Sriyantra.

By worshiping this Yantra, man gets wealth, prosperity, fame.

It removes the obstacles from life, carrier & Business.

Nothing in the world is obsessed with Shri Yantra’s practice.

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