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Copper Vastu Pyramid for Vastu Dosh Nivaran (91 Pyramids) (4.5 Cms Approx) (300 Grams Approx) (1 Set)


Very Beautifully Made In Pure Copper.
Size – Height- 4.5 Cms. Width-4.5 Cms. Weight – 300 Grams Approx.
It Can Be Placed At Home, Office, Shop, Factory, Prayer’s Room. It Can Also Be Placed In Any Direction.
As Per Vastu Shashtra, Vastu Pyramid Neutralizes The Vastu Doshas.Three Layer Set Contains 91 Pyramids.
A Premium Quality Product From Numeroastro India.

Maha Vastu Devta Plate | Chowki in Brass with Removable Pyramids (1 Pc)


Very Beautifully Handcrafted In Brass.
With Removable 9 Different Coloured Pyramids.
For Vastu Dosh Nivaran & Vastu Correction.
For Homes,Shops,Offices,Factories & Commercial Complexes Etc.
Size- Width-21 Cms. Weight- 1560 Grams.
A Premium Quality Product From Numeroastro India.

Vastu Purush Pyramid Yantra Chowki | Plate in Pure Brass for Vastu Dosh Nivaran with Removable Pyramids (22 Cms) (1 Pc)


Very Beautifully Handcrafted In Pure Brass.
Size- Height-2.5 Cms. Width-22 Cms. Weight 2300 Grams Approx. Total No Of Nine Pyramids Helps In Correcting Vastu Doshas.
Very Effective Vastu Yantra Chowki For Vastu Dosh Nivaran.
The Pyramids Are Removable & All The Dieties Yantras Present Below The Pyramids. For Homes, Offices, Showrooms, Mills, Shopping Malls Etc.
A Premium Quality Product.

Vastu Pyramid Yantra In Ashtadhatu (3 Layered Set) (Big) (6.5 Cms) (1 Pc)


Very Beautifully Made Of Ashtadhatu.
Size – Height – 6.5 Cms Approx. Width – 6.5 Cms Approx. Weight – 240 Grams Approx.
As Per Vastu Shashtra, Vastu Pyramid Neutralizes The Dark Forces And Negative Energies And Brings Prosperity In Your Homes.
This Vastu Pyramid Can Be Place In Homes, Offices, Showrooms, Shopping Malls, Commercial Places Etc.
A Premium Quality Product.

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