Parad | Mercury Shivling for Puja (190-200 Grams Approx) (1 Pc)

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  • Very Beautifully Made With Pure Parad | Mercury.
  • Size – Height- 4 Cms Approx. Weight – 190-200 Grams Approx.
  • Herbal Extracts Has Been Used To Solidify The Mercury | Parad. No Metal, Zinc Or Lead Used In The Preparation For Keeping It Free From All Types Of Dosha.
  • Shivling Is The Symbol Of Lord Shiva. For Worshiping & Blessings Of Lord Shiva.
  • For Temples, Home, Temples, Puja Ghar, Offices, Factories & For Every Religious Place.
  • A Premium Quality Product From Numeroastro India.
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    Numeroastro Parad | Mercury Shivling for Puja (190-200 Grams Approx) (1 Pc) –

    Parad is known as “Mercury” in English and it is considered to be the purest form of Shivling or Lord Shiva idol. It is said that having Parad Shivling idol is equivalent to performing Puja of 12 Jyotirlingas. Parad is regarded as the seed of Lord Shiva. Parad Shivling does not require Jalabhishek as mercury itself is liquid in nature and auto Jalabhishek happens internally all the time.

    PARAD Mercury is regarded as the sperm (seed) of Lord Shiva and in Ayurveda it as a flowing metalloid (fluid metal). Ancient Vedas have considered Parad as the most pure and auspicious metal which not only has religious importance but medical importance too.

    It is said in Brahma Purana that he who worships parad idols devotedly, gets full wordly pleasures, and at last attains supreme destination (salvation). During life span they get glory, honor, high office, name and fame, sons, grandsons and learning.

    Parad (Mercury), silver & Ayurvedic herbs used in the process to make (parad) mercury solid.

    Offering prayers to Parad shivling helps to fulfill all their desires including wealth, family, children and spiritual blessings.
    Any person who has established Parad Shivling at their home will have their life filled with money, happiness and will be free of bad effects and long life.
    It develops mind power to attain strong will which is good for growth of both physical health and mind.
    Parad shivling worship will harmonise the relationships among all the members of the family.
    It is said in Brahma Purana that who worships Mercury Shivling devotedly gets full wordly pleasures, and at last attains supreme destination (salvation).

    NOTE : The real criteria of real Parad is that it always leave black marks on rubbing but retain its silvery shine  when  clean and rub it with cotton | cloth over time. Also, there are some fraudulent | Unethical | Corrupt people who are claiming that it converts to gold colour on keeping it in water or in sunlight this is totally illogical & untrue and it is not even a test, it is only used for making fool of people.

    Caution :
    Be careful while handling the parad Shivlinga. If it comes in contact with gold or gold plated ornaments it has the power to change the color of gold into white or silver in color. This itself proves the purity and authenticity of our products.

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    Parad | Mercury Shivling for Puja (190-200 Grams Approx) (1 Pc)

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