Vastu | Feng Shui Crystal Evil Eye Pyramid for Vastu Correction & Spiritual Healing (5 Cms) (1 Pc)

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This Evil Eye Protector Pyramid Was Very Beautifully Made Of High Class Crystal | Glass.
Size- Height- 5 Cms. Width-5 Cms. Weight- 85 Grams Approx.
Keeps Away The Bad Influences & Evil Eyes.
It Can Be Used As A Protector From Negative Energies & Also Used As A Vastu Corrector.
Crystal Evil Eye Pyramid Can be Placed on Home / Office / Study Table
The Crystal Pyramid can be used for wish fulfillment and can be placed in the South West of your Homes and offices. It can also be used in Vastu and should be placed in South East for positive energy.
Evil Eye Pyramid can be used as Wish Pyramid and for Vastu and Feng Shui.
This is also used to speed up the blocked tasks and assignments.
It works as a prism and can be placed on window sill for attracting positive chi in your home, shops and offices.
A Premium Quality Product From Numeroastro India.

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    Vastu | Feng Shui Crystal Evil Eye Pyramid for Vastu Correction & Spiritual Healing (5 Cms) (1 Pc) – This beautiful crystal evil eye pyramid by Numeroastro India is much sought after Vastu remedy in Houses. The pyramid known for its geometric balance with 3 or more triangles reaching upwards to meet at the apex is always used in ancient feng shui and vaastu science to remedy the negative influences and impact of wrongly placed doors and windows. Use the balancing crystal pyramid to neutralize the dark forces and negative energies and bring in warmth, harmony, peace and prosperity in your homes. This amulet table decor has beautifully printed evil eye symbol which removes negative vibes, bad energies from your surroundings like home, office etc. Place this pyramid anywhere and get praised with abundant aesthetics & improves one’s self esteem. This pyramid showpiece has evil eye that is mainly to guard against misfortune and from bad things happening in one’s life. It helps to keep our life in balance, protects you from “bad karma”. The one concentric circle of the eye symbol is the ancient cure for warding off the evil eye and it sees all the wickedness in the world, removes poverty and ignorance. It is believed that if your evil eye amulet cracks or breaks, it has done it’s job of protecting you from some misfortune or bad luck and should be replaced. Fengshui evil eye pyramid for deflecting negative energy. This pyramid amplify and then tightly focus energy through the apex. This pyramid has remarkable energy as it vibrates all of the color frequencies of the spectrum. It also have a harmonizing effect and restores balance to energies of various kinds. It also helps to bring clarity and increase your focus. This is a great decorative showpiece which keeps away all negative energy From you. You can easily place this pyramid on your working desk in your office and it will weaved Off all negative energy and people who are jealous from you. This is a great showpiece for your home, shop or office.

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    Vastu | Feng Shui Crystal Evil Eye Pyramid for Vastu Correction & Spiritual Healing (5 Cms) (1 Pc)

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